Mixing Your Success Cocktail

Don’t blend in, when you were born to stand out.
Making sure your content stands out from the crowd requires strong creative, expert planning, and a targeted strategy. Most importantly, it requires collaboration to gain a clear understanding of your audience.

Creative &
Production Services

Why would you want to make more mind-numbing noise? Our creative mixologists work with your teams to ensure our creative message will make the desired emotional connection — to drive your audience action. Consider us an extension of your marketing team to ensure creative quality from start to finish.

Creative Services:

Show Development

  • Video Content script writing
  • Show Treatment / Concept Storyboards
  • Show Style Guide

Brand Development

  • Brand voice, guidelines, and identity
  • Core Narrative & Key Messaging
  • Independent Ideation

Your company creates amazing things that never existed before, so why be complacent with your video content strategy?

Our Creative & Production Services Include:

Branded Entertainment

  • On-location productions
  • In-studio (hard set) environments
  • Testimonials, product demonstrations

Virtual video production

  • LED volume studios
  • Real Engine 5 environmental design
  • Location capture (photogrammetry)

Events & live streams

  • Studio-based virtual conferences
  • Studio and remote livestreams
  • Experiential shows

Business Strategy
& Planning

Our Business Strategy & Planning Services Include:

Video Content Strategies

  • Omni-Channel planning
  • Sponsor monetization
  • Account specific insights

Product lifecycle video

  • Concept-to-launch
  • Pre-launch sales and enablement
  • Post-launch service, MRO, replacement

This is where entertainment, communication, and audience-first thinking meets your objectives.

Video is the number one medium to reach your industrial audience, but without the right plan, your video could get lost in the digital noise. Our business strategy and planning services can ensure your video will reach your desired audience and compel them to take action. First, we want to understand who you are as a company, what your brand stands for in the market, who you serve, and where you’re going.

& Distribution

Our Audience Identification & Distribution Services Include:

Audience identification

  • Audience persona development
  • Your persona value proposition
  • Marketplace opportunities

Video distribution

  • Commercials and ads
  • Social: YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok,
  • Facebook, Twitter

Building a community and making an impact starts with appealing to potential audience members where they work and live.

Even if you create the world’s most compelling video no one will see it if you don’t get it in front of the right people at the right time. We can work with your teams to identify your “target personas” who are most likely to connect with your story. From decision makers to design engineers to procurement managers, we need to determine who is most likely to take action when they see your video.

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